Arto Carpus Castelo Foundation (ACCF) has its headquarters, Resife, in the municipality of Jäppilä in the Southern Savonia region, situated in a serene, secluded lakeside of great natural beauty. The site offers an encompassing view of Finnish flora and fauna, and also includes an atelier and a cottage dedicated to mental tranquillity.

The house of tranquillity is a meeting place for every religious denomination, and also acts as a haven for partaking in the surrounding nature or silently contemplating in its midst. The atelier is in active use. The foundation provides its stakeholders with education and events.

The facility design and their use - along with our foundation activities - are based on the principle of harmony between Mankind, Culture and Nature.

The foundation’s management centre is located in its facilities in Jäppilä. Our executives have abundant experience and expertise in education, management and entrepreneurship. This competence has been honed during decades of work in developing countries.

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