Arto Carpus Castelo Foundation intends to construct a building complex - which includes a scientific research centre - on the property known as Casa da Benémola, in Querenca; it will be named the Nature and Culture Research Centre of Algarve. The property consists of 10,5 ha of land; the foundation wishes to build only the most indispensable constructions on a landscape consisting of less than 10 % of the total area, while completely integrating the buildings with the surrounding environment.

All the remaining land will be dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural environment; this includes the reactivation of small-level kitchen gardening and traditional agriculture.

Our main objective lies in researching and preserving the Mediterranean Barrocal ecosystem.

In regards to culture, the Centre will promote anthropological, ethnographic and art studies, particularly via studios meant for artists and artisans. We will also promote and advertise local handicrafts and artisans, and encourage the cultivation of traditional plants and local farm products.

A meditation space dedicated to all religions and philosophies is another important facility at the Centre.

A small, high quality Rural Hotel will also be included.

Promoting and encouraging local entrepreneurship is central to this project, which strongly highlights the connection between Mankind, Nature and Culture. Portugal is an important region both to this project and the foundation’s other activities, due to its geographical and cultural connections to Africa, South America and Central America. In this project, ACCF lives up to its motto of devoting itself to the triad of Mankind, Nature and Culture.

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